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Quality Control

The quality of microwave drying equipment is the most concerned content of consumers. Therefore, the quality of industrial sized microwave products must be highly valued.
The concept of product quality in Microwave drying equipment can have two meanings.
On the one hand, companies or companies produce products that meet hygiene and safety requirements and meet food safety standards.
On the other hand, products produced by companies or companies need to meet the requirements of consumers to the greatest extent possible.
Consumers have certain standards for the quality of food, and different consumers have different standards for the same product, because this will be affected by the environment, market, objects, time, and location.
The quality of chemical powder drying equipment is not constant. On the contrary, it is a concept of continuous development and change. With the constant changes in social environment, natural environment, place of use, time and other factors, the quality of food machinery products is also in the process of dynamic development.

With the current national emphasis on strengthening safety production, green production, and the demand for high-quality green products in the material and cultural level of people, the current quality assurance of Microwave dryer and sterilization machine is a more important issue. Microwave roasting equipment quality management, the government and enterprises mainly focus on the manufacturing process, pay attention to the quality monitoring of drying equipment, and despise the dehydration and sterilization quality management, the result is that the problem of food machinery quality management is constantly, as: first-line production workers Life safety is threatened, broken fingers, broken arm accidents occur; food machinery selection is unreasonable, leading to harmful materials in food processing accompanied by the final food output logistics to consumers, there is a huge potential safety hazard; food machinery technology is not up to standard, The microbes of foods exceed the standard. The modern food quality supervision system believes that strengthening the quality management of food machinery is an important part of ensuring the safety of people's lives and property, and must do a good job in food machinery quality assurance.

Second, the basic elements of the quality assurance of the drying equipment
As the Microwave thawing machine plays an increasingly important role, many experts have explored the quality of product design. From the current research results, one of the main research methods is the design method for quality assurance. In this design method, the main purpose is to convert each requirement into the quality characteristics of the Microwave thawing machine according to the relevant methods and standards. In this design process, comprehensive planning and scheduling are required, such as how to design safety and health, product performance, performance, economic performance, and reliability.

Microwave oven tunnel machine
For the designers of the Industrial microwave oven, they need to have a variety of basic qualities. In general, the requirements for food machinery designers are as follows:

First, the Industrial microwave oven designer needs the expertise and research skills necessary for food machinery design, with relevant design skills and experience. Second, food machinery designers need to be innovative. Only with the spirit of innovation can we better replace the scientific and technological content of food machinery products. Finally, food machinery designers need to be pioneering. For the work of food machinery design, this is not only a theoretical work, but also an operation and practice work. Therefore, in the process of food machinery design, food machinery designers need to continuously combine theoretical knowledge and practical process, and boldly develop the design process. Only in this way can food machinery products better meet the needs of consumers.

Control the quality of Microwave roasting equipment
For the quality control of the food machinery development process, it needs to be divided into three aspects, including the quality control of the food machinery design process, the quality control of the food production and manufacturing process, and the need for good product after-sales management and service.

Microwave roasting equipment designers need quality control of the food machinery design process
In particular, before the new product is put into production, it is necessary to strictly control the quality, certificate of conformity, trademark registration and technical documents of the product in accordance with relevant quality and technical standards. Based on the international food machinery design standards, food machinery designers can carry out related design, in order to meet the food machinery design standards and international standards. At the same time, in the design process of food machinery products, food machinery designers need to refer to the relevant industry design procedures in China, and under this premise, strictly follow the design process to carry out the design process, and continue to carry out design review, process review , as well as standardized audits, so that products can be better designed to meet consumer demand. In the process of review, once the quality is found to be unclear, it is necessary to immediately correct or modify the problem, and the relevant departments or enterprises need to bear the corresponding quality responsibility. For example, in the design process of a new food machinery product, whether it is the design process, the trial process, the test process, the identification process, it needs to be strictly reviewed and evaluated.